Does #PresetsByTheo work on mobile?

Yes! Follow this video for a Mobile ONLY download, entirely from your phone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FY9U2gwq6xI&t=9s 


What kinds of files can I use these presets for?

These presets are made for both jpeg and raw images. 


How do I download from the computer?

Open up the download link while on your computer or laptop. After that you will see a zip file in the downloads section of your computer with a video tutorial that includes further instructions on transferring the presets over to your mobile device.


Instructions & Installation:

  1. Download the presets file folder on your computer or laptop. Double click to unzip your By Theo Presets.
  2. Email the 3 JPEG files to yourself or airdrop them over to your mobile device.
  3. Open up the files on your phone and save them to your camera roll.
  4. Go into the mobile Lightroom CC app and upload the 3 images.
  5. To apply a preset, click into one of them, select "create preset" in the top right corner, and then name the preset to the corresponding name. 
  6. Have fun and start applying!
  7. Use the adjustment bar below to adjust the presets to your liking. Every photo is different. I recommend moving the "Blacks" bar left first. 


When it comes to skin tones, use the the HSL/COLOR tab.  I usually move Luminance to the left to make brighter. 


I Can't download the Attachment Link on my Gmail App

If you open it up with Gmail then you have to click the bottom right Safari Icon to open up the full page and it will work perfectly.

Feel free to message our team at jennatheofiledes@Gmail.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

If you want to be featured on our page, please use the hashtag: #PresetsByTheo.